Fieldrunners for the iPad

April 30th, 2010

There is nothing to not love about fieldrunners on the iPad.

The graphics are bigger and bolder and the larger display of course makes for less squinting and  easier aim when placing towers.

Just for fun, here’s a sceen shot using just gattlings and Zot towers. 

FieldRunnersg Strategy using only Gattlings And Lightning

Round 90, No lives lost and no Goo towers

Every Project Needs a Hug

April 8th, 2010

At the core of every successful project is a champion:  Someone who believes in it and makes work.

Very few have the talent (or sadly the want) to really make things happen.  In most projects, it is way too easy to simply withdraw, rationalize and blame.

A good engineer, a champion, will step forward, assume failure is not an option, and like Nike says — “Just Do It”.

Your challenge:  The next time you are on a floundering project — be the chammpion.  Put your arms around the project, give it a little love, figure out what it needs… then do it.

There are other aspects of “hugging a project” that I will get to in a future post.

Strive Towards Mediocrity

April 6th, 2010

Breaking news:  There a lot of average people out there.

The best bang for the buck is in the beefy part of the bell curve.  

The reason for process is simple:  It is more profitable to do average very well, than to deal with the extremes.  For every extreme good, you get an extreme failure.  Much better to be consistently “good-enough”, and be profitable.   

Once a process is in place, and you start consistently producing average products, you are then ready to start tweaking the process for improvements.

It’s a hard thing to ‘settle’, but if in the short term you create a process that will produce an “OK” product, and then work on that process, in five years you’ll be farther ahead than accepting the pendulum approach of allowing really big wins (and by definition) really big losses.

Squirrels and making America Stronger

April 4th, 2010

I biked trrough the park today and heard a woman yelling at her dog to not chase the squirrels.

sheesh… talk about raining on the poor pooch’s parade. Squirrels are meant for chasing.

Have you ever seen a dog catch a squirrel? I think not. The sqirrels can take care of themselves.I’d be curious to know her motives for the “no chasing” rule.

Rules make people feel powerful.

As children, we were taught to follow rules. The rules kept us safe and helped turn us into well mannered adults.

As adults, it is our obligation to question existing rules and throw out the bad ones, and make intelligent new ones!

Business is bogged down by bureaucracy. Question it.

One million on FieldRunners

March 14th, 2010


Over a million

A waste of a day, but I broke the million mark playing Field Runners on my iTouch.