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“Google Slap” and other silly myths

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

Google doesn’t have the time or resources to hunt down a website that is using black or gray hat techniques — They simply change their algorithm to be a bit smarter.  e.g. if you repeat your keyword 5000 times on a single page, they detect it and give you no credit.

Much of the Google algorithms are geared towards promoting the obvious good and trying their best to filter out the obvious bad.

The more obscure the keyword, the bolder you can be.  If you’ve a somewhat obscure or true niche keyword, you can probably be pretty bold and delve into somewhat gray-hat techniques to promote it.  Think about it… if there are only three sites in the world with a keyword, Google is more about promoting the most popular than filtering out the imposters.  Three is a silly number, but you get the idea. Google isn’t going to hunt you down if you are the only one selling “bent 1976 pennies”.

Bottom line advice:  If you are in a real niche’, don’t be so paranoid.  Get yourself some questionable back links and see your site rise to the top.

Strive Towards Mediocrity

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

Breaking news:  There a lot of average people out there.

The best bang for the buck is in the beefy part of the bell curve.  

The reason for process is simple:  It is more profitable to do average very well, than to deal with the extremes.  For every extreme good, you get an extreme failure.  Much better to be consistently “good-enough”, and be profitable.   

Once a process is in place, and you start consistently producing average products, you are then ready to start tweaking the process for improvements.

It’s a hard thing to ‘settle’, but if in the short term you create a process that will produce an “OK” product, and then work on that process, in five years you’ll be farther ahead than accepting the pendulum approach of allowing really big wins (and by definition) really big losses.