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Podcasts at Warp Speed

Sunday, September 12th, 2010

I might be a little behind the curve but I just discovered podcasts.

Of course I knew of them, but never really got into them.  Wow, there are about a zillion of them, and on just about every topic you can imagine… and FREE!  The XM-Radio app on my droid stopped working with the last OS update (I’ll rant about that another time) and was desparate for something to keep me company on my daily walks.

The cool part, again, maybe something that everyone else knew but me… there is a double speed option on my ipod-touch.  It’s perfect for listing to podcasts… (I can listen way faster than most people talk :)

Strive Towards Mediocrity

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

Breaking news:  There a lot of average people out there.

The best bang for the buck is in the beefy part of the bell curve.  

The reason for process is simple:  It is more profitable to do average very well, than to deal with the extremes.  For every extreme good, you get an extreme failure.  Much better to be consistently “good-enough”, and be profitable.   

Once a process is in place, and you start consistently producing average products, you are then ready to start tweaking the process for improvements.

It’s a hard thing to ‘settle’, but if in the short term you create a process that will produce an “OK” product, and then work on that process, in five years you’ll be farther ahead than accepting the pendulum approach of allowing really big wins (and by definition) really big losses.

Squirrels and making America Stronger

Sunday, April 4th, 2010

I biked trrough the park today and heard a woman yelling at her dog to not chase the squirrels.

sheesh… talk about raining on the poor pooch’s parade. Squirrels are meant for chasing.

Have you ever seen a dog catch a squirrel? I think not. The sqirrels can take care of themselves.I’d be curious to know her motives for the “no chasing” rule.

Rules make people feel powerful.

As children, we were taught to follow rules. The rules kept us safe and helped turn us into well mannered adults.

As adults, it is our obligation to question existing rules and throw out the bad ones, and make intelligent new ones!

Business is bogged down by bureaucracy. Question it.