Learn to Love What You (think that you) Hate

I heard a stat today:  “Most people who are rich HATE what they do, but LOVE the results.”

It struck a chord.

It’s the Good Salesman Dilemma.  Technically they hate cold calls, but the good ones recognize that prospecting is required to succeed.  So indirectly, they love cold calling, but yet each call… well it doesn’t feel much like love — it sucks.

The principle translates to many things: 
Sports:  Training sucks — winning rocks!  So training doesn’t suck?
Joe Blue-collar: Earning sucks — New boat rocks!  So digging ditches is fun?
Dilbert:  Hates his boss and cube — New PC and geek collection… way cool.  So does he really love his boss?

Success is about focus and priorities.  If building a company is the joy and the prize, then the hated paperwork minutia is actually fun, even though you hate it…

Successful people learn to love the things they hate because they lead to the things they love.

It makes your head hurt and maybe gets you dizzy.  But it’s truth.  Grok it.  Live it.  Love it.

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