Good Clean Marketing

I’m continually shocked at the number of companies and/or sales people who seem to not to want to make the sale.  They make their process so hard, or are unresponsive to the point that I put my dollar back in my pocket and move on.

One of the things I vowed when I bought the EmbroidMe store was that I would run the business logically.

Logic means many things.  At the core of my store (Hey… that rhymes :) is that I try not to overreact to anything, and maintain a very rational business exchange.   I don’t sell.  — I print on shirts, if you need printed shirts we should talk. 

As a business, of course my prices are competitive, but again of course,  not always the lowest.  I’d give you my rant on low-price-shopping here, but I’ll save that for another day.

When we talk, I know the technology and costs, and quote fair and reasonable prices.  I don’t expect my customers to understand all the nuances — that is my job.  I am more than willing to explain why the swirling thing-a-ma-jig will cost a little bit more than a one color logo.  

Many of the things that have kept the store in business for five years (woo-hoo!  Five years!!!) Is that we are what our parents taught us to be… kind, Courteous and respectful. 

Real Example:
Someone emailed me two days ago about a quote for shirts.  I responded to him in less than a day (he was shocked).  Even more shocking, I brought him a sample today (at no cost) .  He was wow’d at the level of service.  I’m glad that he thought it was special, but really… if someone is interested in 400 shirts, a one shirt investment on my part is very “logical” — why not?  And bringing it to him made sense too.  Why would I want a customer to work.?  It was just the right thing to do.

 Doing the right thing is not hard.  Doing the right thing is usually Good Clean Marketing

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