Synergy of Things

 It’s way too easy to be overwhelmed by all the things that you should be doing. 

 Have hope.  There is a way out!

I’m currently noodling with marketing strategies and honestly am overwhelmed.  That said,  I have a plan.  A plan that I have seen work again and again — So am confidently pressing forward.

 In the development world, I use the “done” and “Done-Done'” approach to getting a job completed.   Whether I actually invented it or borrowed it from somewhere matters not … it works.

 The essence of the plan is that a project needs to be “done” long before it is really “Done”.

 Done with a small “d” is that the project hangs together such that the principal decision makers can now peel their way to the REAL requirements.   Done (small d) is a wire frame, with hooks into the good parts, such that everyone  can see the dream and intelligently see what’s missing.

 Complete requirements are a difficult thing. 

 So back to my marketing dilemma… I have a million ideas and limited time and budget.  What to do ?

 Easy, actually.  I will wire-frame the plan, knowing  what needs to be done with each  piece, prioritize, and progress.  Get to done, and know that Done-Done will come later.

 The essence of marketing is the sum of the parts.  No one thing necessarily works or fails — but any one part can easily win the day.

 Confused?  Don’t be.

 Here is the answer;

1. List all of the things that you should or could  be doing

2. Prioritize the list

3. Have a “next step” for everything on the list

4. Start Doing (get to done on each step)

 The key is picking reasonable “Next Steps”. 

 For example, if you need a website, a reasonable next step is to get a simple landing page in place.  The website is done, but certainly not Done-Done.

 Along with my “done-done’ strategy, I also believe in the synergy of nuance. 

 Do what you believe to be true.  The little things, the nuance, create an unstoppable synergy.



Be well.

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