Field Runners: Round 500

Focus is on stopping the air attacks, while putting the skeleton in place for the maze that will be needed to keep the ground attack in check. (e.g. put the mortar where you will eventually be building a Gatling wall, but direct all funds towards the middle until you need it. a couple Gatling’s NOT BUILT can mean a timely upgrade to stop a would-be escape.

If the ground guys are still being stopped in the first third, then focus on the middle.  (Be mindful of the motorcycle and Boss rounds… )

Avoid Early Attrition:

Looking back at screen shots:
At round 227, I still had all 20 lives!
Round 247: 19 left
Round 287: 19 left
Round 301: 18
Round 320: 18
Round 407: 14

Favor upgrade over new (get out of the early rounds efficiently as possible.  Decide where the next placement will do the most strategic damage.  Place your mortars, and then upgrade it before moving on.

Goo is important — study the field of fire, put the goo where it will do the most good.

Try to put new towers such that if you get upgrade points mid or late round, you can upgrade the tower and it will help you win the round.  (Some of this is luck, and some is using  jedi skills.)

Pause or have quick fingers.  know what you want to upgrade or build and do it as soon as funds are available.  Sometimes it is the difference between a clean round and something sneaking through.

More Mortars in the middle.  Not just coverage over the middle, but down the middle row.  The mortars tend to take a long time.  Side mortars lobbing into the middle are less efficient than mortars down the middle.

FieldRunners Round 500

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