What Business Can Learn from Field Runners

If you have a winning strategy (plan) you need patience. If you are saving for a ZOT, the chaos matters not.  If a motorcycle slips through… shrug; you know you will have to take a couple of losses if you are going for the big win. 

If you panic (react to the fray) it means the beginning of the end.  Diverting precious resources to avert a small short term disaster (one escaping motorcycle) will domino into an even bigger disaster in later rounds.

In Round 300, when you are just $20 short of an upgrade to a critical zot that would have stopped five helicopters, you will regret the early round panic.  You will.

Field Runners also teaches us that some strategies are just wrong.  No amount of quick reflexes or strategic tower upgrades will help… given the real world, the plan is just plain flawed and will fail.  If your gut says the plan is flawed… just reset and start fresh.   

So where does that leave our heroes?  If you  have a plan that you are confident in … work the plan.  Resist the temptation to fiddle with a well thought out plan.  Let the rouge motorcycle escape.  It makes you sad, but surviving to round 450 is worth the angst.

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