Lesson Four


Gather up Thing1, Thing2 and Thing3. This is IT!

Put Thing1 and Thing3 in your right hand, Thing2 in your left. Hold Thing1 more towards your fingers since it needs to go first.

Throw Thing1 (yeh, yeh, you know, nice arc and all that). When it gets to the top of its arc stop time for just a minute and lets think about this. With time stopped you have a Thing in each hand, and a Thing in the air. All three Things accounted for. Whenever a Thing starts to head for an already-full hand, make the exchange ala-lesson three, returning once again to one in each hand, one in the air. Alternatively stated:

"As the one in the air approaches a crowded hand... throw-up."

Practice. Make throws and catches only from the home position. Remember to start with the hand that has TWO things. (Try it the other way and it'll make you sad :(


So, to summarize:
After the clever/awkward start, you simply have to make exchanges like in lesson three, and of course, all throws and catches are like we practiced in lesson two. Piece-o-cake.

The sequence will be:
Throw-from-Right (just throw one, hold on to the other)

------- now the juggling begins -----------------
Throw-From-Left (Make room for the incoming throw from the right)
Catch-In-Left (Your first throw just landed safely
Throw-From-Right (Thing3 takes flight)
Catch-in-Right (Thing2 in for a landing)
keep going


When you can do this with a calm expression on your face... Call yourself a juggler.


A few tips.

You can experiment with the height of the arcs. If you can keep'm accurate, a higher throw gives you more time to think and possibly have a calmer response to Incoming! Incoming!


Many a pattern is saved by heroic catches. The root of all evil is bad throwing. Focus on good clean throws. It helps to count for yourself a nice rhythmic cadence:

Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right...

A thing lingering at the top of its arc is your cue to count and throw.


Although catching is pretty much a pass/fail kind of deal and at the mercy of quality throws, one common catching mistake is to forget that gravity is your friend. There is never a reason to "reach up" to make a catch. Gravity always works in the same direction. Patiently wait for gravity to bring the thing down.

If you can make, say 4 exchanges consistently without dropping, and you are just dying to show off to someone... Do just THREE exchanges, go Taaa-Daaaa! at the end, and they need never know. In their eyes, you are a juggler.

Stay away from eggs for a while. (Easy to juggle, but stopping can be a problem.)


Now that you know how to juggle, always bring extra cash to the grocery store. Most produce sections have a "You bruise it, You buy it" policy.


Careful with the apple eating trick. Bruised lips will make you sad.


Juggle fire torches and knives in front of your insurance agent will tend to make him nervous and your rates rise.


When someone says "but can you do four things?", either poke them in the eye or mumble something about Quality, not Quantity


If you can find a special friend... Stand really close, side by side (holding hands or a waist hug is nice). One of you be the left hand, one of you gets to be the right. Now when you juggle, you only have to think half as fast, and who knows where all that hand holding could lead .....


Go forth and juggle. A quick review ...

Play it again. Go back to lesson one