Lesson Three


If you've lost or eaten your juggling Things for breakfast, I'll wait here 'til you go acquire some new ones. This time keep Thing1 and Thing2; Thing3 still doesn't get to play.


Start in the home position. Thing1 in your right hand, Thing2 in your left. Deep breath. Here we go.


Start by throwing Thing1 (in that amazingly accurate arc that you perfected in lesson two) over to your left hand. You watch it gracefully head towards the peak, then start its downward journey... then... Uh-Oh! Your left hand already has Thing2 in it. PANIC! Bail baby bail! Red alert! (Ok. A bit over dramatic perhaps, but what to do... ?) Thing1 is about to crash Kama-Kazi style into Thing2. Hey, why not just throw Thing2 over to the other side, clearing out a space for the incoming Thing1?


The plan is thus: Just about when Thing1 reaches its peak, tell your left hand to throw Thing2 in its well-practiced arc over to the right hand. If all goes well, Thing1 lands in your left hand, followed shortly there after by Thing2 landing in your right hand.


Cool. You've just did a Jug!


Throw up on the inside, fall down on the outside. (No, this has nothing to do with your college drinking parties). To keep Thing1 and Thing2 from crashing into each other in mid-arc, throw Thing2 up slightly to the inside of the descending Thing1, Thing1 falls down slightly to the outside of Thing2. Your hand gets to make a tiny little circle, throwing up on the inside, catching the falling thing on the outside.

If you panic a bit and make wild throws, you may just have to go back to lesson two for a while. Remember, we aren't doing anything new here.. just adding a little mental anxiety and pressure. Visualize, execute, analyze. Lather rinse and repeat.


Practice making this cool little exchange for a bit. Now, it gets a little harder. Start with your left hand. The same principle applies -- When you see the Thing about mid-arc, heading for your already full hand, empty out the full hand with a nice graceful arc to the other side.


When you can make the exchange just as smoothly starting with either hand, you are almost juggling, and ready for lesson four.

Lesson Four ...