Lesson Two


(First go back and REALLY do lesson one. No Cheating!)

I'll warn you up front; This lesson is pretty lame, not much fun, and frankly, not much of a crowd pleaser.


Since I can't even begin to imagine what sort of strange objects you've managed to scrounge up as your "implements of juggle", I'll simply refer to them as Thing1, Thing2 and Thing3.

(...hmmmmmm, sounds a bit Dr. Seuss-ish. Come on, you do read Dr. Seuss, don't you ?)


Put Thing2 and Thing3 away. We'll only be using Thing1 for this lesson. (I told you this wasn't going to be a crowd pleaser.)


Stand in a comfortable position. Bend your elbows 90 degrees, palms facing up (like gimme-five). This is called the home position. Hold Thing1 in you right hand. Toss it in a nice arc, about eye level to your left hand. When your left hand catches it, FREEZE. Look to see where you caught it. Did your hand move much from the home position? The idea is to have nice consistent, accurate throws. Trust me, you'll know why when you get to lesson four. It helps to visualize the throw first, throw it, then freeze at the catch to see what corrections need to be made for the next attempt.


Practice throwing Thing1 in that perfect arc, back and forth, back and forth... until you are either bored silly or are making near perfect throws every darn time.


If you stopped because you were bored, put your toys away and try again tomorrow. If you stopped because you are throwing perfect arcs, hands never lurching-way-over-there to make a catch, then you are ready for lesson three.

In terms of physical ability and skills. You have now mastered EVERYTHING you need in order to juggle. (Really, you have!) From here on -- it's all in your head.

Lesson Three ...