A Brief Intro...

I'm going to babble a bit about my favorite hobby
--insert drum roll and dramatic announcer voice here--
(Ok. Ok. Maybe it's just juggling.)


I've quite a sizeable collection of juggling toys and juggling books. I'm even a card carrying member of the International Jugglers Association. Of course, it's a very exclusive club... The only way to gain membership is by sending them their $25.00 per year dues ;)


With no other credentials than love of the sport, I think I can teach you to juggle. Humor me and try to get through this without napping. If you really really want to humor me... try to juggle.

If everyone juggled the world would truly be a better place (not to mention void of all breakables).

Maybe that's a bit too deep. If all the world juggled then maybe I could quit the day job and open a juggling store. Better?

Let's get started........


Lesson One


Best to do this one in private.


First you need to find three objects to juggle. Lacrosse balls are perfect if you haven't access to a REAL juggling store. Stay away from tennis balls (too light). Rolled up socks... I can never find a clean pair to wear, let alone a pair to juggle (too light anyway). Ball-sized bean bags are good (and you'll really appreciate their non-bounce-ability in later lessons). Apples and oranges work well. If you like orange juice, pick oranges.


OK, now take your three like-shaped objects and throw them all joyfully into the air. Be free! Make no attempt to catch them. Watch as they thud thud thud to the floor, roll under the couch, roll into the street, whatever...
Gather'm all up and do it again.
Do it again.
Do it again.
One more time.
OK, that's enough. This was a small conditioning exercise. As a budding juggler you need to accept the fact that you are going to drop.
Get used to it. Accept it. Gravity is your friend.
As an added bonus, you now know all of the favorite hiding places of your juggling toys.


Boldly go on to Lesson Two